Agility, courage, intensity, freshness, freedom, motion, skill, dynamic balance, performance, glamour and passion. All this is water ski!

89 nations with federations affiliated to the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation IWWF are located in all the five continents over the world.

30,000,000 people are exercising water ski around the world today. Water ski is enjoyed by people from the ages of 5 to 70 and gives the whole family a way to participate in the sport together. In the USA over 12,000,000 people water ski, which is the third family sport. Europe counts about 10,000,000 people who water ski. 

1,000 hours of water ski are captured by television all over the world, with a constant 20% increase in audience each year. Wonderful images, spectacular action, and athletic skills are the reason of the media success of the sport.

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